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Dressed Up With Somewhere To Be

Picture this: you’re excited for plans you have this Valentine’s Day with your special someone and have been looking for an outfit to wear for the past couple of weeks to no avail. For whatever reason everything seems a little too red and pink for your liking and the romantic clothes just aren’t really your style. You've been shopping around for a Valentine's Day outfit and just can't seem to find the right pieces that would mesh seamlessly into your wardrobe. Lucky for you, Carolina’s Couture has always been a fan of the last minute shopping scramble. In fact, we at Carolina’s Couture pride ourselves on a one-of-a-kind shopping experience filled with unique and luxurious clothing that can be styled for any occasion. So if you’re searching for your unconventional Valentine’s Day date outfit, here are some tips to find an outfit for the 14th…. 15th, 16th, and rest of the year.

1. White Is The Most Romantic Color

 If you trying to avoid having an outfit that screams one particular holiday, the best way to choose a neutral and use the festive colors as accents. White is a great choice for this due to its versatility and elegance. The use of white as a neutral color is also why a great way to change up your winter wardrobe as we move into the later months of the winter season. 

The color white is also why Carolina’s Couture believes in this suit more than we believe in the power of love... okay, that's not exactly true but we really believe that this suit is the perfect item for anyone, anytime, and any place. It's just one of those stylistically interesting "basics" that can be layered in almost any way imaginable and still make you look like a million bucks.

For this outfit we paired these gorgeous pants with a white top, matching red sunglasses, and our Medusa vest. The contrast is a little bold (as we all like it) but defines the shape of the wearer while still being stylish, casual, and fun... and if we're being honest playful, cute and edgy; the perfect couture combo for a stylish Valentine's Day.

2. Black Is The Most Powerful

Using a neutral as an accent to holiday colors isn’t the only way to veer away from overt festivity. Opting to ignore seasonal variations of clothes and instead wear what makes you feel the most confident is always a good call. 

Thankfully, that's actually one of the specialties of Carolina’s Couture. Carolina's Couture dresses powerful women and we make sure they feel that power with every step they take in our one-of-a-kind couture clothes. This outfit is no exception. Our Venom t-shirt is an elevated basic that is both versatile and comfortable. Combined with the Shadow of Lust royal cape the wearer is left with a beautiful and romantically intense outfit that evokes feelings of power and seduction.

3. Material Matters Most

When it comes to dressing for a romantic evening, feeling good is just as important as looking good. The materials we wear and how our clothes fit are always the most important factors when determining comfort. Comfort is then one of the most important factors when it comes to looking good-it’s easier to look your best when you feel it. So this Valentines day, instead of squeezing into something that makes it hard to breathe, go for something that makes it easy to move. 

Something like the iconic duo that is the Vampire's Bite T-shirt and Iconic Sweatsuit... when worn together, this set combines romance and intensity in a magnificently unique way. A pairing that complements the body and gives power to the wearer through its comfortable material and fit. This set features a contrast of material which lends itself into a varied and visually appealing look. Silk is the best complement to a woven textile as it offers a texture contrast that feels and looks luxurious and special.