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Get Dressed to Get Undressed

Let's set the scene: It’s Valentine’s day evening. You are sharing a candlelit dinner with the person you care about most in this world. As the sun sets over the mountains you're glowing in the last rays of daylight. Each moment of this evening has been a commemoration of the foundation of trust you have built together and you're happy to be celebrating each other as the last moments of light leave the sky. It's in moment's like these where the outfit that we have on is the perfect touch on an otherwise perfect evening and here at Carolina's Couture, we're determined to make sure you're dressed as sexily and confidently as you'd like. As such, we've compiling a guide of the best dresses to wear on a romantic night out with your partner.

Unzip Me

A dress encapsulating the moment in the evening when you turn and whisper the words that they has been longing to hear since you put on this sexy black dress… “Unzip Me.” This Valentines day, feel sexier than ever in this form fitting black cocktail dress which features golden zippers that contour to the curves of your figure. Like the name implies, this dress begs to be unzipped. Unzip it a few inches to show a little leg, or unzip it more and show every inch of your body, the choice is up to you in this gorgeous piece.


Imagine for a moment the seductive end to an evening when the music slows, the food has been eaten, the champagne sipped, and you're swaying with the one you care about above all others. Their hand starts at your back and slowly drifts lower as you lean further into each other. You're holding each other up as the music takes you on a journey of love, passion, and romance. A journey that's aided by the romance of our Matriarch dress. The skirt features an inverted pleat that highlights your figure and sways as you move. Embrace the romance of your evening and in your wardrobe with this stunning dress. 


 A little black dress that will take you from an evening enjoying drinks with your loved one to the aimless stroll after a night you never want to end. This dress reigns above all others in the versatility and elegance of its sleeves, the studded confidence it provokes, and the comfort its wearer feels.