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A Cape For Every Occasion and An Occasion For Every Cape

Women are superhero's. It's a belief that we stand by and an inspiration to the entirety of what Carolina's Couture stands for. Women are powerful, beautiful, and individuals that have strength residing in every facet of their being. In this way, it is only natural that when we design and introduce collections for women, we bring pieces that would adorn only the most fashionable of superheroes. You see this in the introduction and versatility of our capes.

No matter the time of year, we will always have a cape for the women that shop at Carolina's Couture because they are the pieces that we recommend most for any woman, no matter her lifestyle. Capes are timeless and exceptionally versatile and thus are the perfect uniform. To prove it, here is how we would style a cape from morning to evening.

Morning Coffee

Imagine one of those mornings where you wake up slowly, roll out of bed, and grab the comfiest item in your closet to start the very beginning of your day. No matter your routine, no matter the goals for the day, the item to grab is one of our royal capes. Head to the shower, to read the morning news, or scroll through your phone as you sip coffee and prepare to get started on the day in a cape that will keep you styled impeccably without even an iota of effort.

Out And About


Begging the day can be difficult but productivity can set the tone for the hours in the evening when winding down is all you want. Our royal capes can be styled on top of a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers if you're rushing about all day. Alternatively, complete a monochromatic slack and blouse moment with a cape to add a pop of color and take the business world by storm. No matter the tasks you have to complete through the day, our capes are designed to complement any look no matter what the occasion.

Poolside with Cocktails 

The end of the day can start at any time and in Arizona, the perfect time to sit poolside and enjoy the company of friends is virtually year round. Whether you're taking a dip in the pool surrounded by crisp desert air or taking a much needed vacation, our royal capes transition seamlessly from classic but cute cocktail attire to a piece of fabric haphazardly thrown to the side on the way into the water. In much the same field of thought, our capes are also versatile vacation pieces and can be worn throughout the day and to the beach without any need for a change in accessories or clothing.

Dinner Party and Evening Gala

As the sun starts to set and the evening just barely begins, the time for formality is upon us. Cue the need for a gown to wear while sipping champagne amongst elegant chatter with people as equally well-dressed as you are. Much like cinderella, our capes transform with the right touch- in this case the right accessories. Put on a gorgeous pair of heels, delicate jewelry, a gorgeous belt and you're ready for a gala. 

Lounging Fireside

At the end of every night comes the point where you've reached your final destination- the place you will call home for the evening. And while not every home requires a dress code, in much the same way that our royal capes offer the perfect loungewear in the mornings, they also provide the best attire for a nightcap with those that you love (even if that's just yourself).