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But, What Are You Wearing?

Tis’ the season to look and feel your best. No matter your holiday traditions, now is the time of year to spend with family and friends, enjoying yourself and relaxing. This time of year also comes with an opportunity to dress in extravagant festive clothing and feel like your very best self. For some holiday inspiration here’s what we, at Carolina’s Couture, are wearing to our holiday events. 

Hand Me The Money, Plated In Gold, & I Don’t Care

Modern, comfortable, and chic, this outfit is set to impress this holiday season. Embody the power that comes from a structured shoulder, glitzy shine, and all-around stunning outfit. Whether you’re opening presents, enjoying a glass of wine over dinner, or just enjoying the company of your loved ones, this outfit will take you through any occasion with an ease only found when wearing a spectacular outfit.

Hush Money Jacket & Modern Medusa


Protection from the cold and rain has never looked this good. Search for the perfect tree or go for a walk with the family all while knowing that you're decked out in a stylish street look fit for the catwalk. Dressed with comfort and fashion in mind, you’ll be able to relax with ease knowing you’re expressing yourself and wearing an absolutely killer outfit.

Matriarch & Venom Collection

Romanticize every moment with this billowing dress. Showcasing dramatic coloring and silhouette paired with delicate jewelry to fit any woman’s style. This dress will take you on nights out where you’re laughing confidently with those you care about most. Look and feel your best with this stunning pairing. 

Medusa Vest & Gold Medallion Belt

Elegance paired with the confidence of street style, our Medusa vest can be worn year round but will be a stand out during this winter as a stylish yet comfortable option for anyone. Versatile and inclusive, this piece is made to be worn by anyone and everyone who loves it.