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The Warmest Gift For Christmas

Everywhere we walk we’ve begun to hear the twinkling of jingle bells and feel the brisk breezes that indicate we’re deep within our winter season and fast approaching the many gift giving holidays. For some, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve secured the perfect gifts for your loved ones months ago but for many more, now is the time to go out and grab the very best gifts available for those you love the very most. To make your search a little easier, we’ve happily released an affordable and all-around perfect gift; our signature scent bottled up in a candle. 

$how Me The $$$ Candle

For those who have walked into our store, you’re greeted with the calming herbal scent of patchouli. Patchouli is a musky and earthy aroma with a delicate balance of spice and wood notes that all combine into a powerful scent that has the ability to protect clothes from the insects that damage them. It’s a bold yet delicate balance that permeates every aspect of your surroundings, fortifying your body, soul, and clothes with strength and protective powers.

We’re a boutique that offers you one of a kind style and effortless elegance. This candle extends that effervescent splendor from the closet to the rest of the home. Feel a part of the luxurious ambiance created by Carolina’s Couture even when you’re huddled up at home. In much the same way, feel content in giving that feeling to your closest friends and family members this holiday season.