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Jewelry Just For You

Gift giving is a time-honored tradition that rises as the temperature drops, the seasonal drinks come out, and feelings of merriment permeate the air. This time of year marks the ending of the last year, the time of year to gather close to your loved ones, and the time of year when we all celebrate our respective holidays. This is also when finding those perfect gifts can prove difficult and where the help of people who sell impeccable style and one-of-a-kind pieces might come in handy. So here is our holiday gift proposal: the Venom Jewelry Collection.

Released earlier this year and designed for all women no matter their personal styles, our Venom Jewelry Collection features snake motifs in both delicate and bold varieties of jewelry styles. Meticulously crafted as to be worn individually or in multiple pairs, this collection showcases exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and design. As such, due to the affordability and beauty of the pieces, they make exceptional gifts that will be well loved and cherished.

A symbol of power, untold beauty, and the strength that comes from survival, Medusa has always been an important symbol for Carolina. Born of great beauty, Medusa was powerless and without resources when Athena bestowed upon her the power and safety that came from her snakes. With that goal in mind, we are excited to announce the beginning of Carolina Couture’s very own outreach program. With every purchase of our Venom Jewelry Collection, all proceeds will be dedicated to the opening of a career center for women who have fallen upon hard times and are looking to improve their circumstances through skill or education. 

Some examples of this outstanding collection are exhibited below ready to be added to the cart and bought for your friends and family this holiday season.

Double Serpent Snake Necklace

This necklace features an elongated adjustable chain that allows the wearer to wear it as a choker or as a long necklace that would drape dramatically down the torso. In addition to such superb quality adjustability, this necklace also gives the option of taking off one of the serpents so that the wearer can truly customize this necklace to fit every outfit need. Perhaps our most versatile jewelry piece, this necklace is the perfect gift for anyone no matter their preferences.

Delicate Balance Bracelet

Adjustable, easy, beautiful, and delicate, this bracelet offers ease of access for those both young and old while simultaneously shimmering with exquisite beauty. Clink glasses of wine and catch the eyes of admirers with this bracelet’s twinkling glint.

A stackable, and adjustable cocktail ring, this beautiful piece of jewelry walks the line between aggressive beauty and delicate balance. Make it a pair by joining the heads of two of these snake rings together or wear it as a stand alone statement. Such jewelry was made to be worn and admired.
Fun, bright, playful, and elegant, this necklace combines the timeless elegance of the snake with the modern vibrance of trending colors to create a rainbow jeweled snake masterpiece.