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Carolina’s Turkey Dinners for this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family, recognize what we’re grateful for and truly take the time to appreciate the little blessings of our lives. We do this through our own family traditions but almost always by gathering around the table for a feast. Thanksgiving dinner symbolizes the setting aside of differences to create beautiful moments filled with love which can seemingly be best brought forth over heaps of food. Such leads us to what we believe are some of the most important aspects of life: good food, good times, and great clothes. 

Now, we at Carolina’s Couture can’t do much to help you with the good food or coordinate some good times for you and your friends and family. We can, however, do much by the way of great clothes, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. To help you out, here are the clothes that we truly believe are the best for the last moments of fall and the perfect ensembles for Thanksgiving day. In other words, here are Carolina Couture’s turkey dinners for Thanksgiving 2021.

So you’re looking to be the best dressed this Thanksgiving but also want to binge all your favorite foods and don’t know what to wear, luckily you’ve come to the right place because this dress is the right fit for you. Not only does it look amazing on (and off, mind you) but this dress has no zippers and an elastic waist to make room for your stomach to expand comfortably and in style.

Okay, so you’re not into dresses as much and want to be able to relax without much thought knowing you look bomb. In that case, a high waisted fit is going to be a good bet to feel secure but relaxed while you gorge on turkey, stuffing, and pie. Luckily, our Snake Slacks are possibly the highest waisted pair of pants you’ll ever own. They’ve forgotten midrise and have graduated straight on to the pants your grandpa used to wear… Just, in a way that’s fashionable and sexy as opposed to aging and endearing.

We call this our fashion catfish because of how deceptively put together you look while wearing it. When wearing our Iconic Sweatpants and Venom T-Shirt you’ll know you’re just wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, but because these pieces are so luxurious and beautiful, all anyone else will know is that you’re dressed better than them.

So you may not know this about us, but we at Carolina’s Couture love an iconic moment and, for us, no holiday is complete without a look that screams “I am the moment”. This Thanksgiving, that’s the Make It Happen Jumpsuit. Combining industrial materials and silhouette with maximalist colors and detailing, this jumpsuit is the epitome of a turkey dinner… Plus, it holds the added benefit of being functional as well as beautiful if you ever find yourself in need of fabulous clothing to wear to match with a construction hat.

It’s all in the name, adorn yourself in armor ready to protect you from anything ranging from the harshest of jabbing remarks to the most false saccharine statements. Gather around the family table this Thanksgiving with the assurance that fashion can protect you from anything and make you look absolutely amazing at the same time.