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Here's Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Before the gifts, pleasantries of Christmas, and the sound of jingle bells ringing in the air, comes Thanksgiving. The holiday of extended family, delicious food, and coming together despite differences, Thanksgiving is a beautiful time where we celebrate relationships and community more than anything else. It is also a time for us to pack our bags and travel which means it is also a time to coordinate the perfect outfits that must fit a trip filled with a plethora of activities and traditions.

If you're like us, then you take every opportunity to dress well and find any excuse to look and feel amazing. Every new day is a day to look in the mirror and immediately feel the powerful rush that a confidence boost can bring when you look your very best. Carolina's Couture is known for making you feel like your most beautiful self because we offer versatile, comfortable, and one-of-a-kind pieces. We thrive on dressing our best in every situation; be the event casual or lavish in nature.

For Thanksgiving, specifically, the goal is to find the perfect balance between looking your best and making sure your outfit will be comfortable enough to withstand a large meal with those closest to you. We believe that you never have to sacrifice style to feel comfortable and to prove this fact we've compiled a couple of outstanding pieces that are sure to make you look and feel like a queen this Thanksgiving holiday.

Pure Couture


The perfect suit to wear after Thanksgiving dinner has been made. This comfortably beautiful jumpsuit offers ease of motion, gorgeous detailing, and an elastic waistband that allows for you to rest easy knowing you look amazing as you relax and focus on your family and friends.

Snake Slacks & Call Me Cobra


Combining edgy style with elevated basics, this outfit features the statement details to take a comfortable silhouette to the next level. Wear this as you're cooking or just to enjoy the expertly prepared meal with a glass of wine and riotous laughter.

Second In Command


Capes are all about elegance, style, versatility, and effortless sex appeal so it should come as no surprise that one is on the list of best items to wear this Thanksgiving. Roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and throw your cape on knowing that you'll look and feel amazing throughout the holiday.

Iconic Jacket & For Saints Pants

Balancing the dark and edgy with the light and structured, this outfit embodies the feelings of rigid elegance while still encompassing components that make this outfit effortlessly comfortable. 

No matter your traditions, or your holiday ambiance, we have outfits that will work for you and will leave you knowing you are the best dressed at your Thanksgiving dinner.