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Beauty & Strength

At Carolina’s Couture we’ve always valued the beauty that comes through nature. This appreciation can be seen throughout our boutique and online store, but most especially with the intertwined snakes that make up our logo. One is vicious and bold, the other sophisticated and sleek and both are beautiful and strong. To us, these snakes represent the many attributes that make up a woman and in our new jewelry collection we used them as inspiration. 

Symbolically, serpents embody many attributes of admiration that cause us to use them as our chosen motif. Carolina's Couture is founded upon the principles of renewal, versatility, strength, beauty, and design that the serpent makes up. The strength of the snake is undeniable and its beauty comes from its power, its unique way of moving, and the never ending patterns and colors that serpents bear throughout the world. Such was the inspiration for the Venom Collection by Carolina.

Each piece of our Venom Collection has been made with you in mind. No matter your preference for bold and maximalist styles or minimalist classic ones, and no matter your budget. These pieces make a statement by themselves or layered together and can be worn in numerous ways so that they are as versatile as your wardrobe. 

Every necklace is adjustable and specially made so that they can be layered together or worn alone. The rings can be stacked together, and the bracelets act as cuffs if layered one on top of the other. 

No matter the occasion, no matter the preference, and no matter the outfit, these pieces are made to be worn by you. To sparkle in the sun as you embrace your most confident and stunning self. Because more than anything else, you deserve it.