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What to Wear As Summer Becomes Fall

Fashion is known to mirror the seasons and so as summer is making way for fall (in some places faster than others), we wanted to showcase some colors that will help smooth the transition while giving you a hint as to what we will be releasing for our Fall|Winter 2021 collection. Here are our top picks for the colors that will work best in transitioning from the summertime heat to the early morning chill of autumn.


If there is a color that is representative of summer, it is a vibrant yellow that wars the sun with its brilliance of hue. This color is not traditionally worn during the fall as it often takes on the form of a mustard. However, both colors should be celebrated throughout the seasons since they offer vastly different styling options that keep in time with the weather. A bright pop of yellow on top of a darkly-toned outfit adds vibrance and life to the life of its wearer. Some examples of clothing items that can continue to be worn throughout the fall are:

Hot Extravagance


Hidden Passion

Armor of Fashion

Fashion Sinner Reversible Cape


Green is the color of growth, life, and summertime heat. When we think of the color what comes to mind are summertime picnics where white dresses get grass stains, and the world seems to be a never ending heatwave as wind billows through the leaves of our favored trees. The beauty of the color comes as it gradually falls away to some of the brighter colors of autumn: auburns, oranges, maroons, etc.. Which is why wearing the color green acts as a gorgeous contrast when the seasons shift. Here are some of our summer to fall favorites in green.

Mi Amore

Serpent Belt

Hot Extravagance

Royal Blood


Blue is perhaps the easiest color to wear all year round as it comes in many variations that can symbolize anything from a brisk winter morning to a vibrant spring day. This utility is partially due to blues being the traditional color of denim but it goes much further than that as blue is capable of becoming a neutral and thus can act as a builder for brighter colors such as yellows and reds. Pieces that would showcase this fact perfectly include:

Blue Collared Boss

Call Me Cobra

Secret Code Denim Jeans



The color red, in all its variations, is perhaps one of the most bold and simultaneously versatile colors as it is appropriate all year round. No matter the occasion, be it formal or otherwise, the color red makes a statement of stylish sophistication and confidence. When transitioning from summer to fall, this is no different. Utilize all the different tones of red with elegance and ease in these stunning pieces:

Armor of Fashion (Red)

Heart of the Earth

Chained in Power Skirt

Love Struck