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How Carolina’s Couture is Perfect for Your Last Minute Halloween Needs

Halloween is right around the corner (and by that we mean the parties are starting tonight and continuing on through the weekend). It’s going to be a weekend of sipping spooky cocktails, enjoying the festivities of jack-o-lantern journeys through ghostly galas, ghastly get-togethers and twilight trick-or-treating. It’s a wonderful holiday of spending time enjoying the sillier side of life with close friends and family. If you’re like us then you love Halloween, love dressing up in one of a kind cool costumes, and maybe don’t always remember how long it takes to assemble everything needed for those costumes. Never fear, however, as we have come up with a tried and true solution to this particular problem; put together a make-shift costume with the pieces that you’ve already purchased (or can pick up today) from Carolina’s Couture.

Just to give you some ideas, we put together four different styles of how each of our team would wear a Cruella De Vil costume from what we sell at Carolina’s Couture.

Steele Resolution Bodysuit & Impressive Coat

This look showcases the black and white aspects of Cruella and really centers on a modern day take on the infamous dalmatian coat. Our concept pushes forward the use of zebras in an interesting fur-adjacent texture. This coat is then paired with our Steele Resolution bodysuit to add a bit of contrast and edge to the look bringing forth the more hazardous aspects of Cruella’s character. Style this outfit with a skirt on top or as it is for a more salacious and sexy look.

Hot Couture Dress

A picture is worth a thousand words and if this dress could talk we’re sure it would have so much more to say. Combining the elegance of our Hot Couture dress with the aggression and glamour of our Perfect Nightmare Belt and the sophistication of our Pearl Cuffs, this ensemble is truly unique and showcases the true extravagance and glamour of Cruella’s character. A combination that is just as authentic to the Carolina’s Couture brand and how we know that utilizing these pieces for such a fit is a match made in debauchery and deliciously poor choices.

Serpent Belt, Coral Belt, & Pearls

Carolina’s Couture believes in the versatility of our pieces. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again but here is a perfect example of that fact. Here, a white dress is paired with one of our Coral belts and three of our Serpent belts to create a jester-like stripe pattern along the flared skirt while simultaneously cinching in the waist with a bright pop of color. Added to this look were our black pearls wrapped around the wrist as a dramatic bracelet. Each and every piece compiles together to make a truly glamorized look entirely cohesive because of the accessories we sell here at Carolina’s Couture.

Your Eminence Coat & Sergeants Cargo Pants

Another take on Cruella’s infamous dalmatian coat, our magnificent Your Eminence exhibits all the qualities and none of the cruelty of a luxurious and rare fur coat. Pair this with our Sergeants Cargo pants and accessorize with our pearl cuffs and you have a unisex and androgynous take on the captivating anti-hero that is Cruella De Vil.


Special Thanks to Heavy Effects -- Designer Glass & Mirror

All this is to say that no matter the occasion, no matter the eccentricities of the event, Carolina’s Couture style offers pieces that will last you a lifetime in both durability and versatility. So have a happy Halloween and we wish you the ease of mind of being in your corner for all dressing occasions. And if you’re in the market for some other one of a kind pieces and like any of the aspects of the location seen here in these photos, Heavy Effect is a truly sensational glass art business here in Scottsdale and definitely a place to check out if you’re ever in the mood to see exceptional craftsmanship.