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Woman's Wild Winter

Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the tell-tale sign of crisp air, cold breezes, and the much needed warmth that can only come from a fashionable jacket. Needless to say, we’ve curated a stunning collection of jackets that will be both breathtakingly gorgeous and bodacious in their practicality and unique attributes. Each one of these extraordinary pieces offers the warmth needed against winter’s chill while simultaneously holding aspects of summer within the design and style of each of the pieces. 


Carolina’s Couture sells style that will last a lifetime and pieces that can be worn year round should the weather permit it. Each and every one of these jackets were inspired by the concept of when summer and winter meet and the color combinations that are indicative of each respective season. In some cases this means that the blues of summer get paired with the barren browns of winter to create a truly spectacular juxtaposition of color. This austere combination shows forth with both the Just for Champions and Old Money jackets.

Other times the colors of summer speak for themselves such as with our I Am The Future Jacket set which can be double layered for warmth or worn separately throughout the year. All within a light, tranquil, and dusty baby blue which is indicative of a sky filled with warmth, the reflection of clouds on the water, a merriment that comes from living life to the fullest in every season. 


A concept that applies just as much to our Metal Queen Jacket which combines the gentle aspects of winter with all that can come with a ferocious winter season. The white buttery leather is subtle to the touch and a testament to craftsmanship and the relaxation that comes from being warm and comfortable amidst the harsh and austere. This leather is additionally a brighter color so as to bring the aspects of salacious summertime encounters to the chilling winter air. The jacket is then adorned with beautiful thread detailing and gun-metal studs throughout. A beautiful element of an already incredible jacket which is inspired by the heights of aggression and barbarity that the winter season can bring.

All-in-all, each and every piece part of our Woman’s Wild Power collection brings forth aspects of summertime to combat the winter chill and to adorn the wearer with untold confidence and beauty in such extravagant pieces.