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Styling Camouflage for Fall With Carolina's Couture

Every piece sold at Carolina's Couture is one of a kind and curated specifically so that every woman has the clothes that reflect their most authentic, powerful, and beautiful selves. We believe in versatility of lifestyle and how each article of clothing brought to you by us has the ability to work within all facets of of your life. As such we make sure to bring you pieces that can be used for many purposes and across all the seasons throughout the year. We evolve our core concepts with remembrance to our past styling and we bring that with us as we move forward.

One piece that we're exceptionally excited to introduce this fall is our Queen's Army Jacket which features a beautiful combination of Italian leather an a metallic woven textile in a beautiful camouflage pattern. We are delighted and excited by this jacket as it is a personal favorite of our collection and it almost speaks for itself with is exquisite tailoring, quality, and design. What's most important about this jacket is that it ties beautifully with one of our favorite timeless prints: camouflage. 


Camouflage is a neutral geometric pattern that pairs exceptionally well with bright warm colors and neutral greens, browns, blacks, and creams. For the sake of our Queen's Army Jacket we suggest pairing it with our Orange is the New Chic t-shirt, and either our I Don't Care or Guilty pants. Such an outfit combines the neutral tones of camel to highlight the camouflage while simultaneously exciting the eyes with the stylish and chic edition of a bright orange. Another way to wear this jacket is to instead keep it all neutral by pairing it with our Warrior Top which stands out through structure as opposed to color.


Our Queen's Army Jacket, which is our proposal for camouflage, is a truly exceptional piece which stands above due to its quality and beauty. Camouflage is a pattern that stands the test of of time but walks the line of interesting and boring. This stylish jacket was designed with longevity in mind, and if taken care of, will stay as a beautifully loved piece within your closet for a decade or more while always being of extraordinary design and style. 

Our Queen's Army Jacket, of course, is not the only beautiful piece that we're excited about for this season. Olive green is a color that we believe is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. So while we strongly believe in the beauty and versatility of camouflage, a similar concept without the pattern comes in the form of our Colonel Couture Cape. A piece so gorgeous it stands on it's own as an aspect of one's wardrobe that can be worn as a dress, a lingerie piece, a cover-up, or even to be thrown on top of a pair of jeans. No matter your style, we have something for you.